Dental prophylaxis (Cleaning)

Cleanings can help keep teeth healthy and free from cavities by removing buildup regular toothbrushing may leave behind. Cleanings will also allow for a more thorough examination.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride can be found in many sources including food, NYC water supply, vitamins, toothpaste and mouthwashes. Research has shown fluoride can help prevent tooth decay and strengthen teeth. For patients who are at higher risk for tooth decay, professional fluoride treatments may be beneficial.


A common place for tooth decay to occur is the chewing surface of a back molar tooth. this is due to the fact that normal tooth anatomy has grooves that are hard to clean but easily traps plaque and food. A sealant is a thin coating that covers those grooves and has been shown to decrease the occurence of tooth decay.


Dental trauma is a common occurence during sporting events. A well fitting and comfortable mouth guard should be worn for all contact sports.

Diet counseling

A balanced diet is essential for the proper growth and development of your child. A balanced diet is also essential to healthy teeth and gums.

Oral hygiene instruction

Brushing should start as soon as your child’s first tooth appears. A child should not use toothpaste with fluoride until spitting has been mastered. Brushing should be supervised until about 6 years of age.