First Dental Visit

The first dental visit should be six months from the eruption of the first tooth or age one. The goal of the first visit is to establish a dental home for your child. It provides a time for your child to familiarize with the dental office and build a relationship with the pediatric dentist. Successful early visits will build the foundation for successful future visits.

Prevention Of Tooth Decay

Hygiene and habits at home are the most important factors in prevention of tooth decay. To prevent decay, infants should not be put to sleep with the bottle once the teeth have erupted. If a bottle must be used, only water may be given; never juice or milk. Brushing twice a day should be adopted as soon as the first tooth erupts. Frequency of sugary drinks and snacks should be limited. Regular appointments to your pediatric dentist should be made to ensure dental health.


The first tooth will usually erupt between 4-10 months of age.  Contrary to popular belief teething doesn't cause fevers or diarhea. These are usually symptoms of a coinciding viral infection. However your child will have sore gums that can be soothed by a cold teething ring. Gentle massaging with a clean finger or wash cloth can also be helpful.

Importance Of Primary Teeth

Primary teeth or baby teeth are important in many ways. A healthy mouth will allow for proper nutrition ensuring your child's growth and development. Healthy teeth and a pretty smile will lead to better quality of life free from toothaches and a higher self-esteem. Primary teeth also serve a very important role in maintaining space and guiding the permanent teeth into the correct positions.